2019 Fund the Need:
Minds and Machines


Fund a clinical trial for newly diagnosed lung cancer patients

Today, patients with EGFR mutant lung cancer can expect rapid tumor shrinkage when they take the latest targeted therapies, but tumors are never cured and eventually become resistant and begin to grow again.  Breath of Hope has supported research by Raj Arasada, PhD, in EGFR mutant lung cancer. Dr. Arasada’ s work has led to the identification of a new potential treatment that could improve the depth and duration of these responses and increase survival in a subset of lung cancer patients, hopefully converting these responses to cures.

Your 2019 dollars will support a pilot study of standard therapy with or without an experimental drug for patients with EGFR mutant tumors. Currently, there is no funding for this study; it is in the concept phase and it is ready to be started. Funding from the Breath of Hope will allow us to test this novel combination in patients who are in desperate need of better therapies today.