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Funding A Future Without Lung Cancer

Lung cancer has a dismal survival rate, with only a fifteen percent chance of surviving five years, and a less than 1% 5-year survival chance if diagnosed at stage IV, the stage at which it is most commonly diagnosed. It kills more people per year than colon, breast, and prostate combined. In fact, it kills more than twice as many women per year than breast cancer. There has been a negative stigma with the disease because of its relationship to smoking. However, sixty-five percent of the new cases of lung cancer are among nonsmokers and former smokers. The good news is, there are several new, effective targeted treatments with low toxicities on the horizon. Unfortunately, the funding for lung cancer has been insufficient to support the much needed research and discoveries.


Lung cancer is underfunded compared to the number of deaths it causes. Breast cancer has nearly 13 times more funding than lung cancer. The loss of lives per year due to lung cancer is nearly double that of breast cancer. The need is simple: more funding. The funding will support research for early detection and newer targeted treatments.


Board of Directors and Committee

Breath of Hope Ohio is very fortunate to have board and committee members who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of those affected by lung cancer. Each individual brings their own unique skill set, motivation and experience to benefit our mission. Please feel free to reach out to any of them with questions or comments!

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steven smith, board president

As a survivor and recipient of stellar care from the James Cancer Hospital, I know research requires money and that research creates treatments that add days, weeks, months, and years with our families and friends. The ultimate goal is a cure and that requires money.


Contact: SteSmith@lb.com, 614-415-4432


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scott havens, BOARD secretary

Contact: shavens@lb.com


dana apostolec, BOARD treasurer

A couple of years after its inception, I was approached by a Board Member to help with accounting activities. With 10 years of Accounts Payable/Receivable and Event Management experience from time spent working at a hotel, I was ready to find out how I could help. This opportunity came at a point in my life where I was looking to become more involved with my community. After hearing about the group and listening to our founder’s stories, I couldn’t wait to be part of the team.

Contact: dana@breathofhopeohio.org


Sandy Lomeo, Board of Directors

Contact: sandy@breathofhopeohio.org


Matt Cacciato, board of directors

I am the Director of Ohio University's Masters of Sports Management program, and Executive in Residence & Lecturer in OU's College of Business. Before going to OU, I spent 23 years in the cable sports television industry with networks ESPN, Fox Cable Networks and the Yankees Sports & Entertainment Network, better know as YES Network, where I served as Sr. VP for Distribution through 2011. Later on, I founded and ran American Education Television Network for 6 years, and completed the sale of the company in August 2017 before embarking on my teaching career. I serve on the Foundation Board of Recreation Unlimited, and co-founded Blue Beautiful Skies, a non-profit focused on raising awareness and funding for lung cancer research with my wife Annie, who was diagnosed with NSMLC in November of 2013. We have three daughters and reside in Granville, Ohio.

Contact: cacciato@ohio.edu, 917-576-5984

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Cara Capretta, Board of Directors

I’m involved with BOH because one of my dear friends was treated by Dr. Carbone while he battled lung cancer. I’ve stayed engaged because anyone can get lung cancer and I want to fight for more research and treatment options for those affected.

Contact: cara.capretta@oracle.com, #614-507-0841


Luciana Ramsey, Board of Directors

I have had several family members and one of my dearest friends die of lung cancer. This is a type of cancer that doesn’t get the support it needs, and impacts an increasing amount of nonsmokers as well as smokers every year. I have been moved by the work that Dr. Carbone and his staff are doing in the lab at the James and their dedication to eradicating this cancer. I want to do all I can to help them to keep pushing forward with their research and finding a cure.

Contact: admin@breathofhopeohio.org


deborah mckain, event director

I am a dedicated James volunteer and I am passionate about ending cancer. In my early professional career, I oversaw marketing, advertising and special events for a global sportswear company. My husband, Frank, and I have two daughters and relocated to the Columbus area in 2011. Like many families, we experienced a loved one being diagnosed with cancer. This led to an introduction to The James, the amazing staff and community supporters. We immediately because Ambassadors and I am honored to be leading this fifth anniversary Breath of Hope celebration. I look forward to seeing what our community can do to support THE international leader in thoracic oncology. I invite you to join me and be a part of supporting medical breakthroughs and saving lives around the globe. #blowlungcanceraway.

Contact: deborah@breathofhopeohio.org, 317-407-2914


Meredith Farrar, COMMUNICATIONS specialist

My passion to #blowlungcanceraway began with the loss of two grandparents to lung cancer. Having received a degree in Writing from Denison University, I have worked with a variety of organizations throughout my career towards endeavors about which I am truly passionate. I am very excited to join the Breath of Hope team in supporting their mission.

Contact: events@breathofhopeohio.org

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Jenna Vucelich, Communications

Lung cancer has impacted multiple family members and Breath of Hope’s mission to support the research necessary for a cure is close to my heart. It’s inspiring to work with the community members who support the Breath of Hope organization and are so committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. I feel privileged to leverage my background in communications and project support to increase awareness and engagement with this important cause.

Contact: events@breathofhopeohio.org


Annie Cacciato, Advocate and Survivor

Contact: anniecacciato@gmail.com


Ashley Eyles, Communications Manager

My “why” for Breath of Hope is a little un-conventional. The first fundraiser event I attended after moving to Columbus was the Breath of Hope Celebration in 2017. Immediately I was compelled to jump in to help the mission. The opportunity to apply my skills and experiences in community relations, marketing, social media and event management excited me. I am passionate towards making a difference and committed to doing my part to #blowlungcanceraway!

Contact: ashley@breathofhopeohio.org